The EU (Withdrawal) Bill and the Need for Scrutiny

Leaving the EU presents the UK with legal, political and policy challenges on such an unprecedented scale that Parliamentary scrutiny alone may not be enough to ensure the intended mass repeal of laws and regulations does not lead to a massive erosion or outright loss of essential rights.

Indeed, the volume of proposed changes is so high that the Government has already claimed the need to bypass Parliament; this is one of the main reason this new initiative was created.

As many people as possible – of all political persuasions, and none – need to scrutinise the content and implications of the changes being proposed, for one thing in this process is certain: we shall all be affected.

If the volume is such that our representatives and policymakers – as well as those who inform the wider population, and help hold our leaders to account – are unable to achieve sufficiently thorough scrutiny by themselves, then civil society needs to lend a hand…

The GRB Action Force

The GRB Action Force was formed in response to the announcement of a Great Repeal Bill, the precursor to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill that was formally introduced to Parliament in July 2017

The GRB Action Force is a UK-wide, non-partisan, civil society initiative that intends to improve the scrutiny of, and quality of debate around, the legislative changes proposed in connection with the UK’s departure from the EU.


1. To scrutinise the conversion of EU law into UK law.
2. To identify and inform the public of the consequences of any changes.
3. To make recommendations consistent with our Guiding Principles.
4. To work with representatives of all Parties, policymakers and other interested individuals and institutions to ensure that legal changes do not result in a loss of rights for individuals.
5. To work with the same to ensure that the transfer of powers from EU to UK institutions take into account subsidiarity and institutional capacity.
6. To raise funds to ensure the GRB Action Force has the means to achieve its aims.


1. We undertake to be open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with, and with each other.
2. We will be democratic and non-sectarian in our work.
3. The positions we take will be based on dispassionate, professional analysis and the highest standards of research.
4. We will respect and encourage respect for fundamental human rights and freedom.


As coalition-builders, the GRB Action Force will work cooperatively with individuals, groups and networks of all political persuasions and none; with for-profit and not-for-profit corporations and organisations; and with national and international bodies committed to transparency, to human rights, and to fairness and justice for all, in scrutinising the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and taking action to defend these fundamental values during the progress of the Bill, and in any prior or subsequent changes to UK law.


Human Rights


Our vision is of a society in which good governance and justice prevails under the rule of law, alongside a broadened and strengthened acknowledgement of fundamental human rights – and their rigorous, non-discriminate application by and for all.