What’s the fuss about Amendment 7?

Amendment 7 is a proposed change to the wording of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, tabled by Dominic Grieve MP.

It proposes to insert the words  “subject to the prior enactment of a statute by Parliament approving the final terms of withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union” to Clause 9 (page 6, line 45) of the EU (Withdawal) Bill.

According to the member’s explanatory statement, the intention of this amendment is “to require the final deal with the EU to be approved by statute passed by Parliament”. – in other words, parliament must have the final say.
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Repealing Our Rights – British Citizens set to lose their Fundamental Rights

The EU Withdrawal Bill constitutes a massive attack on the fundamental rights of all UK citizens. By deeming the incorporation of the articles from the Charter of Fundamental Rights (CFREU) into UK Law as “unnecessary”,  as the government has done, it is launching an unprecedented attack on the rights of all British citizens, the majority of whom are unaware of the benefits that CFREU protection affords. 

However, the current debate around EU citizens rights portrays the loss of these rights almost exclusively in the dialogue of “expatriate rights”, creating a false narrative that implies that only UK citizens in other EU countries, and EU citizens in the UK, are affected by the proposed changes.

This article does not want to belittle the acute direct impact that Brexit has on these expatriate communities; it seeks to address the imbalance in the current debate  to demonstrate that all British citizens, including those with no direct ties to other EU countries, will suffer from a huge loss of rights if this matter is left unchallenged.  Continue reading “Repealing Our Rights – British Citizens set to lose their Fundamental Rights”