Constitution Committee launches Inquiry into EU (Withdrawal) Bill

On 7 September 2017, the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution announced that it is conducting an inquiry into the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

The Constitution Committee is expected to launch a Call for Evidence shortly, inviting written and oral submissions on the Bill, which seeks to avert legal uncertainty by transferring EU law into UK law prior to repealing the European Communities Act (1972). Continue reading “Constitution Committee launches Inquiry into EU (Withdrawal) Bill”

Memorandum on Delegated Powers in the EU (Withrawal) Bill and the Responses to it

The Memorandum concerning the Delegated Powers in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill was published for the Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee on July 13th alongside the Bill.

The issue has since received critique from a variety of angles, most notably including a joint statement from the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, and First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones:

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill does not return powers from the EU to the devolved administrations, as promised. It returns them solely to the UK Government and Parliament, and imposes new restrictions on the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly for Wales.”

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